A collaborative cartography of the municipalist ecosystem

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European Municipalist Network


The municipalist hypothesis is based on the potential of local politics to achieve broad social and political transformations. It seeks to build political power from the ground-up that challenges how the institutions are managed and experiments with radical forms of democratisation and feministisation of politics. Municipalism is grounded in a rich tradition of autonomy and self-governance of the territories that confront both the State and the Market's rule.

The European Municipalist Network project gathers some of the actors of this ecosystem in a collective strategy to strengthen the emerging municipalist processes in Europe and beyond.


The Mapping Process

The aim of this map is to increase the visibility of municipalist initiatives and to articulate a common voice. During the mapping process, we have identified social, institutional and translocal municipalist actors that recognise themselves as experiences working towards economic, social and ecological just territories that are part of a trans/local/national socio-political movement.

While we are aware that there is no single 'model' of municipalist organising, we started the mapping by identifying shared principles and aims put in practice in different territories. You can read these criteria on the EMN website: https://municipalisteurope.org/mapping/post/how/ Between Novermber 2021 and July 2022, we gathered the available knowledge based on our own experience as part of municipalist movements and the information provided by other actors present in the various networks and relationships established in the last few years. After this first identification, we asked the actors to fill a self-assessment that we have used to produce the map.

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